When we started this company no one knew what vaping was. Basically at the time it was a handful of people in and around Vancouver that would meet at coffee shops and trade or sell whatever they had, be it hardware, or juice or even just ingredients to make juice. It seems laughable in today’s standards.

Upon getting our first actual large batch of nicotine it was crystal clear as it was so fresh, so the juice we made was clear also and some wondered if it had nicotine in it due to this fact. We were so flooded with demand we simply couldn’t give the nicotine time to oxidize as we were selling it faster than we could get it, so we named the company Juicy Clear to explain the clearness of the liquid.

After about 5 years another company (not an ejuice company) tried to say they owned the rights to the word Juicy, and as our juice was now steeped before sale and no longer clear we decided to drop the name Juicy Clear rather than fight it out in court. So we changed the name to JC Classic to remember where we came from and to let people know that we would always stay the same sort of juice we started out as instead of jumping on the sub ohm band wagon.

James in early youtube video.

This was a review of the brand new 510 atomizer, this was from 2010

Interesting facts about JC Classic