Double Sale Info

Everything you need to know about our double sales!!

Why do we do these sales?

One of the biggest things about the cost of getting you your e-juice is the high cost of shipping in Canada. The cost to send one bottle is about the same to ship several bottles. Normally we actually eat a large part of the shipping expenses as a cost of doing business, however we figured out that a larger order shipping cost is not much that more expensive so we are able to pass the savings on to you.

How do the sales work?

Super simple, any order that you place when the sale is on will be automatically doubled. So if you order 4 bottles you will receive 8 bottles. The website will not show the doubled count of bottles, but trust us we double whatever the cart says so if you want 10 bottles of something than order 5 bottles.

How often are the sales?

As wholesale is a large part of our business we have to fit these sales around our busy times. As you can imagine when we have our double sales we get flooded with orders so we have to choose a time when we are not already busy working on wholesale orders. However a good rule of thumb is every 3 months or so.

When are items shipped out

Due to the fact we get slammed with orders with the double sale we do not ship out orders until starting the last day of the sale. Usually the sale happens over the weekend so there is only a day or two delay. We have to do this as we have so many orders that are all built to order it is the only way to get these sales to work.