What is sub-ohm vaping?

In the early days of vaping it was not unusual to buy a vape and have it make about as much “smoke” as a blown out match. There would be just little whisps of vapour and that would be about it. However now adays you see people walking down the street looking like a steam locomotive with a huge cloud coming out behind them. Whenever you see that you know its someone who is sub-ohm vaping.

What is sub ohm vaping?

The term sub ohm comes from the way the power goes through the atomizer. Most of the atomizer coils that we use are from 1.1 to 2ohm. I will not go into the tech stuff too much but just know that the lower the ohm the hotter the coil gets which is how they create huge clouds, they use a much thicker juice that resists burning then the coil gets super hot fast (hence why some new vapes use 2 or ever 4 18650 batteries) 

What kind of vaping do I do?

If you vape and get about the same amount of vapour as a cigarette would give you than you do what is called mouth to lung. The reason it is called that is you first expand your mouth drawing the vapour in then inhale into your lungs, like a cigarette. But with Sub-ohm vaping it is sucked directly into the lungs much like taking a hit off a joint.

Is sub ohm better?

Well that depends, while it can give you a lot more vapour and more flavour the problem is that it has a lot of draw backs, the biggest is you look a bit silly, then there is the smell, if your local vape shop has that sticky sweet smell when you walk in then  you can get an idea of how strong the scent is. Many users have told me they like vaping because they can do it in the house but most wouldnt want to sub ohm inside. Also your whole room quickly fills up with vapour.


In the end it is personal preference, for me though I was addicted to smoking, not looking like a choo choo train and I find sub ohm vaping more suited for young kids trying to look cool. For the best, most cigarette like experience I find that using a 1.6 ohm vape with a 50/50 blend juice (much like JC Classic 😉 works best)